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Australian plunge pools offer one of the most versatile and adaptable methods of enjoying the water at home. They possess the advantage of being almost endless in their design possibilities, and are suitable for an enormous range of properties and situations.

Because of their smaller size, plunge pools aren’t intended for swimming laps. Rather, they provide a space to cool off and lounge poolside. This has bred their increasing popularity in urban areas, where the heat is intense, and space is often limited. They are meant to not only provide a place to cool off, but also to contribute to a pleasant and enjoyable area in the home, a place that comes together nicely, even without entering the water.

At Sunshine Pools, our Sydney plunge pools are created to best suit your property. Australia’s hottest real estate market has meant that space is at a premium, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t create an area to cool off each night. Our plunge pools can be fitted in to the smallest spaces, without losing any of their charm or style. They add class and style to your home, and can improve it’s appeal to potential buyers looking for that special, redeeming quality.

Our talented designers have spent years created unique spaces for Australian plunge pools, and bring a wealth of experience to each project. This allows you to choose from a list of similar prior works, to find the one that suits both you, and your home, the best.

If you’re in the market for a beautiful and enjoyable plunge pool in Sydney, your Australian experts at Sunshine Pools are ready to take care of you. They can help you to stay cool, refreshed, and relaxed through the hottest months of the year. Contact us today and get started!

Sydney is the largest city in Australia, a massive metropolis stretching along the lengths of Port Jackson. Originally, it was home to a variety of aboriginal groups. Now, it is home to a hugely diverse population of over four million residents, and is still growing.

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