Palm Pools and Spas Reviews

Here are some reviews of Palm Pools and Spas.

A Personalised Experience

Dear Red
Thank you for making our pool building experience a pleasant one. After hearing many horror stories of things that could/would go wrong, we were pleasantly surprised to have a personalised experience with you.

We enjoyed scoping the design and options with you in the initial stages and then customizing solutions to fit our individual needs. Dave, our building supervisor was accessible and attentive, making it easy to ask questions and discuss concerns. All of the tradesmen that you arranged were also friendly and reliable.

The finished product has exceeded our expectations and we are looking forward to many years of enjoyment from our pool.

Thankjavascript:void(0); you again and all the best.

Heidi and Glen

Pool Plans Organised While in the 'Settlement' Period

During the settlement period we met Sunshine Pools & Spas and Red helped organise the appropriate paperwork so we could start as soon as possible. We ended up settling at 2:30pm in the afternoon, and the very next morning the Sunshine Pools & Spas team was there to start development.

Lyndon and Hazel (St Ives)

Being a Builder you Know What to Look For

My husband John is a builder and he was very much impressed with the workmanship from Sunshine Pools & Spas. Dave the supervisor got on very well with John and the pool was built exactly to plan.

John and Rita (Berkshire Park)

Swimming Pool Shell In 4 Days

We can't believe it took only 4 days! Outstanding! Sunshine Pools & Spas installed our concrete shell in our family home in 4 days! We were able to plan our landscaping and decking over the Christmas break. Dave and the team worked tirelessly on the Swimming pool. All the tradesmen were professional and friendly. We highly recommend them.

Wayne and Lea (Kellyville)

A Pool Builder That Works On Your Timeline!

Everybody from Sunshine Pools & Spas that entered the site, did so on a professional level. I didn't know this existed within the trade industry! The team from Sunshine Pools worked on weekends to meet my deadline! Completely un-expected! And the professional service is amazing.

If there was every a problem with access or weather, Sunshine Pools & Spas fixed it quickly and efficiently.

Craig (Cambridge Park)